What the Mind Thinks the Body Reflects...

What the Mind Thinks the Body Reflects...

For a long time, I focus on staying active, exploring new sports, better my endurance, strength, and I realized that it would be a change on a physical level. Being honest I barely cared about learning how to control my mind, my emotions, my thoughts and although I am aware that somehow exercise helps in certain aspects such discipline throughout various aspects of your life, or increasing stamina in times when you feel you longer can’t do it anymore (whether it is while doing more burpees or in a stressful situation in your day to day life). It amazes me how brilliant the mind is but at the same time it is so complex. By exercising our bodies, we fall short, in this point in my life having trained for more than 9 consecutive years, I can tell you that I didn’t start how I should have started… I started and set aside the most important thing, but... there's always time to start :) or better yet, time to work on both your mind and body together!


Only when the mind accepts something the body achieve it... and don’t believe me on this… There are thousands of prestigious studies done on that you can find on the internet. There are group studies where there are placebo effects that take place. In essence, these placebo effects are just telling those people the opposite of what their physical strength and capabilities are. Some are told that they are “unexplainable”. If we go out to an even more extensive playing ground, it is our mind that sets our limits because, in moments where our environment is set to the limit, we manage to do unexplained things that we would never believe we were capable of. In those moments of extreme stress or risk, we forget our limits and we only act…  

For many people (including myself) there are times where the mind is our worst enemy and I am convinced that what the mind thinks the body reflects it, but then how to get the mind in our favor?

Working and being disciplined, with our bodies, we can’t just simply pretend to see changes overnight, nor correct years of bad habits in just 1 week. But if you start today, you are taking the first big step to make that change real. 


Some ideas:

  • Spend time doing something that makes you happy without feeling like you're wasting your time or that time should be spent on something "more productive”
  • Strengthen your relationships, healing your heart and bringing forgiveness
  • Nurturing and exercising feeling good for YOU, not by following society standards 

These are all ways we can cultivate self-love and give health to our minds.


Do you want more concrete ideas?

I invite you to join the #2FITCHALLENGE where together we will journey through 21 days of experiences that have to do with mental and physical change, we will give you ideas that allow you to cultivate self-love that everyone talks to us about. 

See you Monday, August 10th because together we can experience a change!


Get ready to reconcile yourself and bring your best smile because YOU are the most important human-being!


Stay connected & stay tuned for the #2FITCHALLENGE



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