The World is YOUR Gym

The World is YOUR Gym

The World is YOUR Gym

The world has changed but not just because of this virus





Stressful situations in which our body and mind are constantly alert, makes us stop and ask ourselves…


What have we been doing wrong? How can we improve?


We all know that to see the results we want and to be successful in our training there must be: DISCIPLINE, CONSTANCY, & ACCOUNTABILITY. We have read a lot of times about the rule 21-90; it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to transform it into a lifestyle. BUT… how many things can happen in 90 days? Where are these two beloved and hated words when you have a trip to that city that you always wanted to explore? Or when final exams, birthdays, holidays, or when a pandemic comes out of nowhere and all the gyms suddenly close and you feel ask though you can no longer run, jog, walk… breathe.


Are you distressed about the fact that you are not able to train because of that particular situation that you are in? Do you believe in the all-or-nothing rule? In other words, I train for 1 full hour or I train nothing, I will eat all the chocolate or no chocolate at all... I will go to the gym or I will not work out. Well, dear reader, your problem is not the pandemic, your problem is EVERYTHING OR NOTHING. We get used to a routine and it is difficult for us to get out of it. “Next MONDAY” or “Next WEEK I’ll start eating cleaner”


What if you just take a step back and think for a moment that THE WORLD IS YOUR GYM, that you can move your body, stay active, get healthy, and gain strength. Pick a day, any day even in your room and try an improvised Zumba class, or on your next trip aim to hit those 20,000 steps because you walked through and are exploring the city you dreamed of knowing.


Let’s address the topic that is probably dangling over your mind:

Calorie burning! A person who does NOT attend a gym but is active all day long is more efficient, walking, parking their car further, a person who attends a gym where they aim to burn 600 calories, but the rest of the day consists of laying on the couch. 


Your body is your gym, working with your own weight has more benefits than you think, so let’s start moving! It is time to explore these endless possibilities that you would not have imagined! Jump, dance, boxing with or without gloves, or even accomplishing your first 5k or 10k without leaving your house? Without a doubt, it would be such a memorable race.

The circumstances of change will always be there, if you accept the art of NOT controlling situations, you will be able to adapt to new and amazing possibilities. You will be able to see your body and THE WORLD AS YOUR OWN GYM. Those 90 days will quickly turn into 180, 270, and then… Welcome a new habit to the family! 

If you still have any doubts about how to stay active in these circumstances… here are some ideas 👇🏻

Exercise at home in a fun and exciting way! Choose your favorite activity and find a virtual class! You’ll be surprised to see how many workouts you can do… also, most of these are FREE!



-HIT Training


-Breathing Exercises 

You name it!

Walk around the house while talking on the phone! You won’t even realize how many steps you are going to be getting in while chatting with your friend or while checking in with a family member! Blast your favorite playlist and simply have fun dancing!

Reorganize – clean – decorate! all of these activities will keep you moving and help you get out of bed all day!

Have you tried jumping roping? Well, it is one of the best exercises! Between your favorite Netflix binge session try and get some jump rope reps in and it will also allow you to start challenging yourself.

We sincerely hope not to return to normal because there was a problem and together, we can stay active and have fun!



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