The Latest Diet

The Latest Diet

If you left behind a "diet" and went back to your past eating habits, it is because you never learned to eat healthily, you only restricted food.

I recently came across a very old book in my house titled something like "the diet of the summer", this book was written at least 20 years ago, and surely it was a bestseller. Reading the book, I came across a variety of curious things, such as millennials not inventing the combination of apples with peanut butter and that although there are basic concepts about nutrition, constant studies reevaluate everything. I like how most nutritionists and experts that I follow on social media are so honest because they are open about different topics and are not afraid to accept or speak on behalf of the fact that just because something was right or proven doesn’t mean that new and improved studies can counterclaim those previous ones. Of course, you have to be very careful about who you take nutrition advice from, and above all that they base their advice because I assure you that whatever you want to sustain (whether it is the most scientific or most farfetched topic) for everything there is a study that supports it.

Reading this book made me think about the evolution of diets over time. Of course, keeping in mind, the era of when we find ourselves taking into account these “innovative” or “new” diets. Just a few years ago it was believed that fatty foods were what made people fat, and then came the boom of Fat-Free products, then we thought that sugar was the problem and we started to see Sugar-Free products. Now many people follow a keto diet (a diet based on increased consumption of healthy fats) and probably in a few years a new diet will come out that goes with the time in which we are living.

I remember when I was at school and I was about 12 years old, they showed us the nutrition pyramid, for some reason I remember only the bottom of the pyramid (which is supposed to contain the group of foods that we should consume the most) and it was made up of bread, flour, pasta, potato, and cereals. I don't know about you, but I think no matter if you're vegan, vegetarian or if you consume animal protein if we had to draw a food pyramid the bottom would consist of plants. This is why our 2FIT Protein Bars are made from plants.

Continuing these theories and their evolutions, I remember when I was little my mother told me that fruits were one of the healthiest options. Now, I immediately think of people who choose to never eat fruit because they consider it to not have the proper benefits for your body needs instead these individuals believe that fruit only injects "sugar”, or other individuals who consider milk and its derivatives to be toxic to the body and prefer to stay away from them.

Just a few years ago we were told that we had to eat around 5 – 6 times a day to boost our metabolism, today intermittent fasting is the option that many prefer, where people spend between 12, 14, 16, and up to 24 hours without consuming food.

What's the achievement behind all of this? If you left behind a "diet or way of eating" and went back to previous eating habits, it's because you never learned to eat healthily, you only restricted food. I feel that before we fall into a new diet, we should think about how sustainable it is in time. If some diet worked 100% there would soon be a new diet.

It is a bit difficult not to go crazy with all the information, new studies, new points of view, new theories, but what allows me to see this brief review of the evolution of diets in our society, is that nothing is ever black or white forever. Then the issue of being so strict will only bring negative consequences to our health. (Obviously setting aside cases that for health reasons cannot consume certain types of foods)

We go back to the usual, achieving balance in life is key, enjoying ice cream but also enjoying food the rest of the week, that eating healthy is part of our life, that we do not have to wait for the weekend to eat what we really like, think about it... it would be very sad to waste so many days of our life waiting for a day a week to really go and enjoy what you like.




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