Find Your Inspiration ✨

Find Your Inspiration ✨

I want you to think of 3 people that you admire the most in your life, keep them in mind, and if you want to write their names do it. Analyze the reason why you admire each of these people and the reason why they are in your top 3. Search for your WHY.
NOTE: Don't skip this step because you'll discover something beautiful at the end of this blog.

It’s not a secret that the world is becoming more demanding, more competitive and cruel in this sense, we constantly compare ourselves to people we see on social media, and the worst thing is that we compare their best version (the photos and videos that are up on social media are usually carefully selected) with our weakest version or in our times of insecurities. We spend our lives dreaming of having a "perfect body", or how our life would be if we had more money, more structure, a luxury car... and don't get me wrong, wanting the best, having goals that motivate you, aspirations that move you, are all great. But what we shouldn't do is get to the point where we value certain things more than others, let's not make these things our priorities. We often don't feel enough because we don't see each other the way our head or society tells us where we should see ourselves, or because we don't have enough money or a title to prove that "you're being successful."

You are probably wondering, “what comes with all of this?” ... and it is precisely why I want you to reflect on the 3 people you admire most in the world. Differentiating those individuals, you admire and NOT the people that have a perfect body, a perfect smile, or the people that dress a certain way. Surely you chose people who have impacted your life in different ways. In my case the 3 people I admire most are because of their attitude about life, their positivity, facing problems with their head high, for having family values, an immense heart, for being disciplined, and for giving the world love rather than hatred. The day I thought of this I wondered, why wear us down and put all our strength into trying to achieve only physical and material aspects? If no one will remind you in the end about it… If you want to make an impact in your life, do it with your attitude, with your dedication to the world and I assure you that the rest will come on its own.

Writing this blog, I realize how important and how nice it would be if I told these people more how much I admire them, maybe we would help each other shine even brighter and be more aware of what really matters and where our growth focus should be.

Thanks to my 3 people
My parents
My sister
And a plus, my boyfriend

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