A Different Perspective on Training & Alcohol

A Different Perspective on Training & Alcohol

In many parts of the world alcoholic beverages are present in the midst of cultures and their celebrations. There are several countries that have their own traditional drink, and without even noticing alcoholic beverages are so present in our lives. When we choose to have a healthier lifestyle, alcohol becomes one of our main saboteurs.


The immediate questions that come up for people will be:

“Does alcohol make you fat? Will alcohol interfere with building my muscle? Will I damage my whole process by drinking alcohol? Is alcohol worse than eating cake? What types of liquor is the healthiest?”

Does it ring a bell? I'm sure many of us have asked ourselves this at times


Before continuing I want to clarify this blog is based purely on my own personal opinion and that it does not cover scientific topics or any deep analysis. I am speaking on behalf of my own experiences and my opinion on this topic.


To begin you may have heard that liquor is made up of empty calories. In simple terms, this refers to the fact that liquor can contain a high amount of energy and few to non-nutrient, which means that the energy intake is not consumed.


With that being said you do not have to be an expert to realize that consuming alcohol will not bring any type of nutritional benefit to the body. Now, you can think about the studies regarding the benefits of drinking red wine that some experts give you, associating it with improvements in cardiac preventions. If you look into this, you will be able to see that there is no final consensus or conclusive result and that on the contrary, they state that the benefits obtained from red wine could be obtained by other means or even consuming other types of natural products. Saving you the negative effects that wine brings as an alcoholic beverage.


But then, what happens in our body when we consume alcohol? Basically, your body tries to release the alcohol from your body and leaves aside certain metabolic functions specifically carbohydrates and fats. That is why many people who dedicate themselves completely to their body than pizza and beer is the ultimate crime.


We have already talked about physical and a little bit of the nutritional issues, but I do not want to leave out other important topics such as mental health, our social life, obviously, I am NOT recommending alcohol abuse. I am not even recommending its consumption, but if I don’t share from my own experience than I am not being honest with you all. I enjoy a good glass of wine, good company, a mimosa on Sundays, the "biggest crime" pizza and wine (carbs and alcohol), and they are things that I am not willing to give up forget a "perfect" figure that for thousands of reasons is going to change many points in my life.


You will be able to find the answer to all those questions when you start asking yourself these questions: what is your goal? Is your objective taking into account real life? How much are you willing to sacrifice? What are your priorities?


Now, the key to everything in MODERATION. I know that moderation is a very subjective word because we have different cognitions of another keyword called FREQUENCY. I could tell you that if the balance between MODERATION and FREQUENCY is achieved, it should not affect your objective!


Cheers 🥂

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