God Bless America

God Bless America

"God Bless America" the song in which describes the United States. The Fourth of July is among us and it is important to have a meaningful song behind a meaningful day.

We are just three days away from the Fourth of July and I stumbled across a BBC article that included “God Bless America” in their title and I began to read it. While also thinking about all the recent acts of racial and minority discrimination that have been going on this creates a question of should the Fourth of July be celebrated any differently than previous years?

It is the Fourth of July, and almost as if it were a decree. I begin to see in every yard, in each house, a flag (which in my opinion the American flag is the most beautiful flag out there). Next to that flag a BBQ where people are gathered and there is fresh smell of BBQ food in the atmosphere, people grilling all types of burgers, and having an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables. As I get a little closer, a plate of nachos, chips, beans, fried plantains, and even arepas are seen as accompaniments of the celebration. Latin music and fireworks make for a mixture of cultures that excites. If you live in this country, you celebrate and appreciate the opportunity when you arrive in this country and feel the belonging of such a powerful country.

But for many that dream generates from great sacrifice, leaving their families, taking on heavy work, and fighting to survive.

Despite the controversial issue that exists in the United States mainly because of the discussions on current policies and the multiple protests to bring to light the BLM movement due to discrimination and in justice that have occurred, we cannot ignore the fact that the United States is an immigrant made country. A COUNTRY FOR ALL! On such an important date it is worth remembering the origins of the United States of America.

On July 4th, 1776 (the now country of freedoms), the United States ceased to be considered an extension of Britain, and ironically a group of immigrants was who came to the United States.

Just a few years later, with the arrival of the new century, millions of people immigrated in search of new jobs, new opportunities, and for a chance to start over. Some of these people are linked to large industries, and the industrial power of this nation began to consolidate. Each individual that comes to this country has formed and continues to make up this great country.

We are a country made up of different individuals from all over the world, those whose ancestors have been in this country for centuries, first-generations, newborns, different backgrounds, and many more. That is the beauty of this country!

This Fourth of July, we will celebrate the multiculturalism of this country, the union of forces between cultures, and the gratitude for being immigrants in this country, we are a part of the United States of America. Let us take the time to celebrate and honor that!




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