6 Things No One Tells You Before Starting a Healthy Lifestyle:

6 Things No One Tells You Before Starting a Healthy Lifestyle:

7 years ago, I started my journey to a healthier life, and 7 years ago I started training in different ways but stayed constant. During this time, I made a lot of mistakes, I got frustrated, I cried, sometimes I became obsessed. For a long time, I did not see results. Before I started this process, I would have liked someone to have shared with me the basics or ways on how to get started. That is why today I am sharing with you all the 6 things that I would have liked to know before starting.


The things that are never shared with you before exercising:


We all know many benefits come with training, staying active, doing sports, however, there are a few individuals that tell us about some elements you should know before you get started...


Here they are:

  1. “When you start exercising you may "gain up to 4 pounds’”

Yes, this is true! This is something that not many people talk about, and even if it does not happen in 100% of people, if it is usually very common in many of them. Regardless of how you approach your training (losing weight, increasing muscle mass, endurance training, etc.) an increase on the scale is common. Keep in mind that this does not mean that you are gaining fat or muscle. That weight increase is because you have gone from being sedentary to being active and stimulating muscle fibers while generating micro-tears which usually generates small inflammations. Try to correct those micro-tears, this inflammation can also cause fluid buildup. On the other hand, the muscles of a sedentary person capture less glycogen  (and the one that is captured is usually the one that isn’t released)  when you start training your muscles to acquire a greater ability to pick up glycogen, and each gram of glycogen retains around 3 grams of water. With that being said this is also a good reason why it is common to have a weight increase.


  1. “The weight on the scale is not a good indicator when it comes to measuring your progress”

Weight can be very relative and maintaining the weight of any given individual usually varies between 2 – 4 pounds. Multiple factors go into this. We do not weigh the same every day. Here are other examples of why constantly weighing yourself will not give you an accurate number. For females, if you weigh yourself while on your period, you may likely weigh 2 – 4 pounds more due to liquid build-up. Weighing yourself after having pizza on Sunday can cause you to weigh more due to liquid retention that may be due to the sodium content in these types of foods...


  1. “It is NOT possible to choose where you want to lose weight”

There ISN’T an exercise that allows you to have a smaller waist or an exercise that removes chubby back, and of course, no supplement allows you to choose, you can’t just tell your body where to lose fat. But as long as you have a good and balanced diet and make sure to exercise you will lose fat. There are parts of your body where it is easier to lose fat and then maintain a balanced and healthy diet while staying active will help you get to those places where it’s a bit more difficult. Everything else that you may see is just good MARKETING.


  1. “Sweating DOES NOT mean that you are losing weight”

Sweating is a way your body regulates its temperature. Basically, by sweating you are removing water from your body. Which is where staying hydrating comes into play when maintaining an active routine. Hydrating allows you to recuperate the water that leaves your body. Make sure to get in those 8 glasses of liquids throughout the day!


  1. “Gaining weight is very easy…”

Many people think that people who intend to gain weight have an easy and enviable task, but the truth behind this is that it simply does not work that way. Gaining weight in a HEALTHY WAY does not mean that you can eat all the junk food without having to meet with a nutritionist. Building muscle depends on the way you feed your body which includes those muscles, otherwise, you will be able to gain an amount of fat that will not be healthy for your body. With that being said it is important to seek professional help if needed, they can help guide you in your goals.


  1. “Having a six-pack, large muscles, reaching "my ideal weight" will make me feel fully happy…”

Dear reader, if your goal is based on something purely aesthetic, let me tell you that you will never be satisfied. You will always see some type of mistake or something to improve on. I can tell you that you might even feel worse than when you started. The aesthetic part can be a good motivator, but I invite you to focus on feeling healthy (physically and mentally), on improving your mood. I strongly believe these play an important role that will contribute to your happiness!




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